Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's your story?

Grandpa moved in with my uncle and aunt a few weeks ago. I hadn't been over there to visit until tonight, as I brought back a few boxes for him after Thanksgiving. We sat and chatted for about an hour and a half.  He has been working on her history and he showed me a few bits and pieces. He is writing as if she were telling it, "because I have all her stories, her whole life memorized"

He showed me the story of her meeting the Prophet Heber J. Grant and gave me a copy of the story with her signature on it. I read about a time she was at a dance and she refused to drink alcohol, and all the other girls at the party followed her example. My favorite was a short snippet I read about her and grandpa being in disagreement before they got married. They were advised to take a 2 week break. On that break, Grandpa took a another girl on a date and used the opera tickets that he and Naomi got together, to take this other girl. She got so mad at him about that, that she went to his boarding house and knocked on his window. They made up and the rest is history. Another story he shared with me was having a bushels of peaches to bottle-and Naomi declining to go for a ride on the horses with some friends. The friend said "To Hell with the peaches!" her response was - "okay, I'll go"
Later he asked if I had a copy of their "couple" photos. I told him I had them on the computer but not originals or anything. He asked if I wanted some. Of course I agreed. (Assuming he meant other originals than those framed) after some searching, he then proceeds to find his copies from the color copier "in town" (delta) found his itty bitty old as dirt little desk scissors and cut them out and handed them to me. Ha - It was so cute. I will look back on that memory often.

He said both Naomi's are hard at work making sure our families reach exaltation.  Naomi was such a well rounded person. Such an example of a lady. I don't recall knowing any great-grandparents and I doubt any of my children will either. I hope I learned enough from them to teach my children about them. Sometimes I wish I was one of the older grandchildren, so that I could remember them younger. They have changed over the years and I have many different memories than the older kids, but mine are special in a much different way.

Memories are such an interesting thing. I don't remember much about my childhood before the age of 9; and the things I do remember as a child are random insignificant activities. I think about that with my nieces and nephews, and wonder when I spend time with them what will they remember? I'm sure it won't be the book I got them for Christmas, or even a special night out; but much rather a plain ordinary moment on the couch having a tickle fight or listening to their stories.

Every person has a story in their life. Only some of us take time to record it. Only some of us recognize we are making our own story everyday. What story am I writing?

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