Friday, February 24, 2012


First off, my lovely friends Crystal and Becca win the friend award for visiting me out in nowhere, Crystal blogged about the lovely trip, you can read about it here.

Last week we had a fireside from Elder Doxey of the 70- Part of his talk focused on us being in the decade of decisions (20-30). I realized I'm half way through my decade. And so I have been pondering, have I made good choices, could I make better choices? I am very happy with my choice to attend Snow, UVU, serve a mission, and finally even being here in Vernal (lots of great growth opportunities personally and career wise). Most of the choices I wouldn't have made without direction from my Heavenly Father. Even with that knowledge, I still find myself resisting when pushed in a new direction. Will I ever get it?
I recently decided to leave facebook for awhile - that means most people won't be reading this, but that's okay. I decided that how much it was a regular part of my life wasn't the best choice of time/energy. So I'm taking a break. I recently read on their of other people's choices that broke my heart. I'd rather be clueless to such things and also avoid everyone's emotional dumpings they throw on their status - I will miss staying caught up with weddings and babies though, so if that happens to you, keep me in the loop!
Anyway - Elder Oaks talk about good, better, best has been weighing on my mind for years - you can watch it here. I only have so much time in my day/life - it's time to make the BEST choices.
I am grateful for the gospel to help guide me in this decade of decisions.
Last, I again just love this artist. So classic. And I am still trucking along with my crochet. Hopefully I can make a lot of progress this weekend.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day

It has been awhile since I did anything truly crafty. I wanted a new wreath for the door. This only took about a 1/2 hour, but I love it!  I bought all the supplies at Wal-Mart.  a wood frame that was around $2 - Tulle light pink and dark pink rolls, two bunches of flowers 97 cents each, and decorative wire for a dollar. I then wrapped around the tulle, stapled them on the back. Wrapped the wire around the flowers. Stapled the under parts to the wood, and then wrapped tulle around the wire for the hangar. It was super simple but I LOVE IT!

I also decided that my new adventure is going to be trying my hand once again at crocheting. We'll see how long I last!

I saw this video today, and I LOVED the visuals. It made being healthy look do-able and necessary.