Friday, October 24, 2014

Change your Shirt - Change the World

Change your Shirt - Change the World

I have some pretty amazing friends that have done some pretty amazing things in their lives. One of those amazing things is Revive Service Tours.

What They Do:

Revive Service Tours helps develop and fortify individuals for a more meaningful and enriched life by facilitating service projects around the world. They aim to change the lives of both the recipients of the service and the volunteers who provide it.

Revive Service Tours brings well over 3 decades of world travel experience! Their tours provide a perfect balance of enjoyable in-country touring with plenty of hands-on, down and dirty, nose to nose, service activities with the locals from that country. It truly is a fantastic way to see the wonders of the world and also experience the rich history and culture of the local people. Serving, giving, making a difference, experiencing various nations, and having fun while doing it is what we are all about.

If you want to travel and discover the beauties of the world while participating in meaningful service with the local communities, then Revive Service Tours is a perfect fit for you! Whether you are a student looking to build a robust resume, a family desiring to have an enriching experience, a company wanting to provide your employees with a hands on in-service or ‘giving back’ activity, or a service group or individual wanting a fantastic adventure, they have prepared the perfect edifying venture for you.


If your like me, travel may not be in the cards just YET - but there is still an awesome way to get involved and spread the goodness of Revive - introducing the $3 dollar tee!

Revive will release a new $3 T-shirt each month that will inspire, encourage, and motivate all to serve. Proceeds will go towards projects that will help change the world for good! The monthly newsletter will showcase the new T-shirt design, and also announce upcoming tours and events.

Click here - to sign up for #3dollartee 

Check them and me out on Instagram: @travelandserve @rolla.holla 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Missouri Chapter

My last post was a bit depressing - but hopefully it provided hope or comfort for others going through the same thing.
My office building
After 9 months of wrong roads - I can finally say I found the right path. After months of interviews and exploring many options - I have found a new adventure in Rolla, Missouri!
I will be working with the Wellness and Counseling office as a health educator doing prevention work with the students for Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST). This is a shift I am looking forward to as I seek to further my career. I have enjoyed working with a local public health department, but have missed the passion that comes from working with students. I will be moving from Utah mid-November. I found a darling little house 10 minutes from work and it looks like its from a storybook. I will live there for about 2 months while the landlord finishes a little farmhouse on 160 acres that they own - and then move in there. The landlords younger sister lives in the temporary home.  I know there will be a lot of changes and it will be difficult to be so far from family and friends. Thank you for all the prayers on my behalf as I have searched for the right thing.
Once again, I have seen the Lord's hand in my life as everything has perfectly and quickly fell into place. God works in patterns, and I knew (even though it was hard) that this same pattern would follow if I was patient and faithful.

Also, before all this news, I got brave and chopped off all my hair. GULP!!! We'll see what the humidity does to this....