Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The (doughnut) hole story

I recently posted on facebook my (almost) year long lent of doughnuts. Now some/many may ask why? It was simple really. Its not that I crave them or go buy them for myself very often, but my office had started getting into the habit of every friday or so - there was a box or two of doughnuts. (Don't worry we as the Health Department have repented and changed our ways). Of course I would have one in the morning and then a couple hours later walk by again. MMMMmmmmm yummy but no good. So I decided to implement what I teach the youth in my smoking cessation class. JUST SAY NO! It was really easy to say no - if I just said, I don't eat those. And so I haven't.

It wasn't terribly challenging (like I said repentance took place a few months after my goal - Doughnut free since February? I don't know but it rhymes) And of course I couldn't get them as part of my on the go breakfast, skipped the treats at FHE, and no Halloween doughnut eating contest for me.

However, my true weakness is potato chips, fries, and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. Bad, Bad and Bad. So I have beent hinking about it for awhile and decided its time to JUST SAY NO! It is easier if I just cut it out completely.  I tried it for a few weeks to see if I could really commit to it. It really will be a challenge. Another weakness of mine is eating out. When I did my trial run. It helped even my eating out choices be better - and is cheaper on the pocket. No more meals - Just the sandwich (Which will also help me cut back on the soda).

It makes sense to me. And it is one of those small changes - small steps to a healthier me. It's not really a weight loss ploy as more of just a healthier me making healthier choices.

The vitamins in potatoes (which are lost the way I eat them) Will still be in my diet with all the other vegetables and straches I'll consume.

So come January 1st - heres to a new test of willpower.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Grade Book

My Grade Book online will be my most important story for the next 2 years. I was nervous about how I was going to balance it all, and there were definitely some stressful moments along the way. However, I not only did it, but did it pulling two A's. My next class starts Wednesday. While it is still stressful, at least I know I can do it! Here is to 2 classes down 11 more to go - and then the long awaited kinda scary goal of earning a Master's Degree!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hitting the books

Summer was a whirlwind of running here and there and working all sorts of odd hours and spending time on my social life the other. I told myself that once summer was over I would be more diligent in my updating my journal (blog). Alas I went and decided to get a Master's degree. I was a bit overwhelming at first, but I am now concluding Business Ethics and am looking forward to starting something new next week.

The annual Dent Halloween Family Party was lovely Thanks to Rich and Tricia for stepping in and hosting it at there house. I'm grateful for so me great little kiddos running around and the love that everyone shows me.

I am looking forward to the Holidays this year, I just hope I can keep the humbugs off. I may or may not have already broken out the holiday music, and slightly feel guilty for it...

Last but not least, I was highlighted in a little Newsletter of an association I'm a part of - check it out here.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Good Story

I just finished reading Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Giver, and The Help. I love that I was able to read again. Now I will just be reading Business Ethics. Ah....Splendid.

I love a good story.

On another note, with my calling, I have to help plan all the Relief Society Activites. I was able to make this cute Announcement for our next activity using this website.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I know my blogging has been somewhat painful the last few months. Sorry all.
I have officially passed the one year mark in this little DinoLand. It was rough those first few months, but I now have fabulous friends and enjoy myself most of the time (except when I miss all the old ones, cause only a select few will actually come out here to visit).

 This year mark happened to fall around the same time as the National Conference on Tobacco or Health. It was fun to explore parts of Kansas City, take a quick jaunt over to Liberty Jail and the new LDS Temple in Kansas City. 

The summer has been super busy - hence the blog sporadicness. But *hopefully* things will slow down a little. Oh did I mention that I am starting my Master's program in a few weeks.... yep slowing down indeed.

The "little" white house in the second set of pictures is for sale down the street from liberty jail. Any one want to buy it for me?

The group of people in the second set are ex smokers living with consequences from their choices made at a young age. Check out there stories here.

Well, its not much, but there you go folks!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Call Me

Once again the trio was back at it again.

This next one is actually a nice one with little laughter or disruption on my part....

And lastly, yesterday was Saturday was pretty epic and fun filled. 
I started off sleeping in - heaven. Went off to some yard sales. Tried out Sno Biz, did some shopping, went and did some visiting teaching to an awesome girl, went back to Sno Biz, bought a little swimming pool - had a blast!, went and helped with Stake Baptisms, had some tasty white lasagna, and ended the evening watching the community play Joseph and the Amazing Techni Color Dream Coat with some pretty great friends. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Shape of my heart

It has been a while since my last post. I have been staying very busy, and hope to write more soon about my thoughts and feelings of Vernal as my new home as I am almost to my 1 year mark!

In the mean time, here is my first vlog. I hope to do more through the summer and then we'll see from there.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In case you were wondering

Just in case you were wondering, I'm a Mormon! - (Check out my updated profile.)

I had a great pre-birthday bash with a friend who also is in the 26 category now. It was great and fabulous. I have lots of lovely friends getting married, having babies, and just being awesome in general.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For the strength of the not so youthful

First off, I love looking at all the people that read my blog. I have at least one or two avid readers in Russia, and I would love to hear your comments, whoever you are, and thank you for reading. I love being able to put my life into the air and share it with whomever stumbles upon it.

In the church, the youth (12-18) are given a booklet outlying council and suggestions for helping you grow up to be a strong faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There is advice about what kind of music to listen to, to understanding how important studying The Bible and Book of Mormon are. All of this is to help us to avoid temptations and be the best we can be.  One suggestion is on the type of media we view. This weekend I had an experience that I never thought I would as an almost 26 year old. I try to pick uplifting media, I am not always perfect at this but I try. This week it was proposed to watch a rather violent gory film. I declined and asked that we watch something else. Ironically as the youngest person in the crowd, I was surprised that I was the only one that felt that the movie wasn't appropriate.  It was a little awkward, but I'm grateful that they were willing to watch something else. (I hope that if any of those people are reading this, that you aren't offended by my thoughts! Personal thoughts on my own actions, nothing to do with yours) - This experience just helped me realize that this "For strength of youth" booklet isn't just for the youth of the church, but for every person in the church, and every person in the world. I again am going to go back to my good, better, best theme I often quote (you can read my old post here) - What do I really want to bring into my life? In General Conference (which is a two day meeting where we here from the Prophet and Apostles hearing messages of hope and direction - click here to learn more.) one speaker phrased the question - What think Christ of me?  I ask myself that question that often. His opinion is really one of the only ones that matters.  Anyway, I'm enjoying all my lovely new friends and the wonderful examples they are to me. Vernal is becoming comfortable and content. But, I am also grateful for all of the things that I am able to learn about myself.

For Easter weekend, I was able to spend sometime in Salt Lake for Camille's bridal shower. Love that girl.
 I then went to check the new City Creek shopping center with my friend Crystal. We stopped by the Tiffany & Co. store. Gorgeous ridiculously over priced jewelry. These Hepburn-esque sunglasses were $500. It kinda made me sick to my stomach a little.

 Easter Sunday I was able to spend a lovely few minutes talking to my Dad. After church i spent the day with my friends Lyndsi and Erica, including our own egg-hunt in my backyard.
It was a lovely Easter Weekend.