Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I know my blogging has been somewhat painful the last few months. Sorry all.
I have officially passed the one year mark in this little DinoLand. It was rough those first few months, but I now have fabulous friends and enjoy myself most of the time (except when I miss all the old ones, cause only a select few will actually come out here to visit).

 This year mark happened to fall around the same time as the National Conference on Tobacco or Health. It was fun to explore parts of Kansas City, take a quick jaunt over to Liberty Jail and the new LDS Temple in Kansas City. 

The summer has been super busy - hence the blog sporadicness. But *hopefully* things will slow down a little. Oh did I mention that I am starting my Master's program in a few weeks.... yep slowing down indeed.

The "little" white house in the second set of pictures is for sale down the street from liberty jail. Any one want to buy it for me?

The group of people in the second set are ex smokers living with consequences from their choices made at a young age. Check out there stories here.

Well, its not much, but there you go folks!

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