Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hitting the books

Summer was a whirlwind of running here and there and working all sorts of odd hours and spending time on my social life the other. I told myself that once summer was over I would be more diligent in my updating my journal (blog). Alas I went and decided to get a Master's degree. I was a bit overwhelming at first, but I am now concluding Business Ethics and am looking forward to starting something new next week.

The annual Dent Halloween Family Party was lovely Thanks to Rich and Tricia for stepping in and hosting it at there house. I'm grateful for so me great little kiddos running around and the love that everyone shows me.

I am looking forward to the Holidays this year, I just hope I can keep the humbugs off. I may or may not have already broken out the holiday music, and slightly feel guilty for it...

Last but not least, I was highlighted in a little Newsletter of an association I'm a part of - check it out here.

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