Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The (doughnut) hole story

I recently posted on facebook my (almost) year long lent of doughnuts. Now some/many may ask why? It was simple really. Its not that I crave them or go buy them for myself very often, but my office had started getting into the habit of every friday or so - there was a box or two of doughnuts. (Don't worry we as the Health Department have repented and changed our ways). Of course I would have one in the morning and then a couple hours later walk by again. MMMMmmmmm yummy but no good. So I decided to implement what I teach the youth in my smoking cessation class. JUST SAY NO! It was really easy to say no - if I just said, I don't eat those. And so I haven't.

It wasn't terribly challenging (like I said repentance took place a few months after my goal - Doughnut free since February? I don't know but it rhymes) And of course I couldn't get them as part of my on the go breakfast, skipped the treats at FHE, and no Halloween doughnut eating contest for me.

However, my true weakness is potato chips, fries, and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. Bad, Bad and Bad. So I have beent hinking about it for awhile and decided its time to JUST SAY NO! It is easier if I just cut it out completely.  I tried it for a few weeks to see if I could really commit to it. It really will be a challenge. Another weakness of mine is eating out. When I did my trial run. It helped even my eating out choices be better - and is cheaper on the pocket. No more meals - Just the sandwich (Which will also help me cut back on the soda).

It makes sense to me. And it is one of those small changes - small steps to a healthier me. It's not really a weight loss ploy as more of just a healthier me making healthier choices.

The vitamins in potatoes (which are lost the way I eat them) Will still be in my diet with all the other vegetables and straches I'll consume.

So come January 1st - heres to a new test of willpower.

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