Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who knew you could still have fun in Winter....

Well, It has definitely been awhile. I feel like there is probably a lot I could have been writing about, but alas I have let the blog fall to the wayside - BUT my homework time is really eating into my free time. I can't believe its already the end of February and this is my first post in 2013.
I saw this youtube video (click to watch)  from the son of someone in my mission. I then realized it was only a short 3 hour ride away, so it was time for an adventure. It also happened to be the winterfest in Craig - So that added to our adventure on our way to Steamboat Springs, CO. It was a pretty fun trip - a cool little town. Great company, and made for a memorable Saturday.

The greatest feat is that I finally crafted again. My roommate made an awesome wreath for Christmas, and it was finally time to change it. I just used 4 rolls of ribbon, yellow and grey - and attempted to make my own burlap flowers after browsing lots of ideas on pinterest.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty cute and didn't take to much time - My kind of craft!
I way overestimated my burlap needs, so will have to come up with another craft.

Not much of an update, but its been a busy week.

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