Friday, March 8, 2013

A Juicy Story

I have been Juicing for a while now. One of my most popular boards on Pinterest followed by strangers is my juice board, so I thought, why not add my own on there. So hopefully this won't drive people nuts. This won't just turn into a juice blog, but hopefully it will help me be more accountable if I try to post at least once a week about it.

I will warn people though, I don't measure. I'm pretty awul at that process. I enjoy the trial and error of 'that was a little too much lemon or not enough spinach.'

So here is todays: (Most ingreditents will also include a link to expalin why that ingredient is healthy and good for you - Just click on the word!.)

Green Juice Ingredients:
Quarter of a Lemon (peeled)
2 small Apples
1/2 a Cucumber
About 1 TBS Flaxseed (I grind that in the blender first then add the Wheatgrass whole and then add the juie from all the other ingredients.)
And last Water!

Well - There you go. Give it a try - Its better than you think!

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  1. You want to Pin It on your Pinterest too don't ya... go ahead. I dare you!