Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A step is a step...

So much to say, and SO many thoughts. Instead of blogging, I should be sleeping because I have REALLY long meetings tomorrow. However, unless I write this all out, I probably won't sleep anyways.

Last week I got to hug Sister Silvia H. Allred, 1st Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency. Little did I know, that in a small way I would have something in common with her. I was called as the 1st Counselor in my Young Single Adult Ward.  I've always been able to fly under the radar, but this will definitely put me front and center.  I am really excited to get to know the sisters in my ward better. I am finally feeling settled here in Vernal, and that is probably why this calling came right now. I just hope that I can be sensitive to the spirit and to the needs of the sisters. I hope that I can do what I need in my life to be an example to them. I am very honored, overwhelmed, and humbled at this opportunity and grateful for the faith and trust that the Lord and the Relief Society President have in me. It will give me the chance to continue to push myself and reach out to others and abandon by comfort zone. This sort of thrust me out of it. I am sad about not being a ward missionary anymore. I loved that calling so much. This new opportunity to learn is just sort of a side step of what I was doing before, but a step is a step. Everyday, I am just in awe of the magnitude of the gospel. It is incomprehensible the amount of love that God shows me in my life. He gives me a strength that can only be attributed to Him.

Work is just exploding. It too is a little overwhelming, but I am loving it. I'm running all over the place with my fingers on the pulse of many different Uintah Basin issues. It seems like I am always networking no matter where I go, and always try to wiggle my way in somewhere. The great thing is that I am succeeding at least to a degree. I am in the baby steps phase with most projects. But a step is a step.

I finally started m "To Do" list of things I need for my personal benefit ie dentist, new glasses, doctor, etc. I started off with heading to chiropractor's got some x-rays. The verdict is that I don't just have terrible posture, but part of my terrible posture is due to mild scoliosis. I am such a genetic gold mine... horribly nearsighted, cataract, potential osteoporosis, and now a crooked spine. [Thanks parents... :)  jk] I'm not complaining. I am what I am. But it is nice to know what is going on, and making a game plan to improve what I can. A step is a step.

This weekend, I get to visit "the city" (aka anything but Vernal) and family and friends. It's been two months since I've seen almost everyone. I'm looking forward to my short trip. I have a conference for work, two great friends are getting hitched to each other, and I get to spend some quality time with another friend that is getting married soon as well. And then in two weeks I get to see TYRONE WELLS!!! I am so, so, so, excited to go to his concert. - If you haven't figured it out, I am slightly obsessed with his music. - It just speaks to me so much! Here is his newest song.

There are still a million thoughts racing through my mind but I guess getting ready for bed will be a step in the right direction. A step is a step....

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  1. I love reading about you!!! That's why I follow you. Good luck in your new calling, you will be great!!

  2. I love reading about you too!

  3. I read your blog and love, but don't see a follow button. Thanks for spending some of your precious time with us. You are always welcome here! Glad you are doing well. Your ward is blessed to have you!!! Love ya!! Laura