Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oregon for Ellen!

This post will have a lot of pictures so be warned. :) Ellen was one of the great ladies I was able to teach while on my mission, and lucky for me, we've been able to keep in touch and have lots of fun over the last 4 years since she showed up to church one day wanting to know more of the Gospel. She found the man of her dreams, Nate, that shared the "mutual weirdness" she needed (as they say). So her reception in Oregon, was a great excuse to take my mother back to the mission and visit friends and family. We started in Springfield and stayed with Mom's Uncle. We were able to visit with my cousin Cynthia and had a lovely dinner, and hear about Vean and Marie's mission to Tahiti. We drove up the coast and stayed in Astoria. Had a fancy meal at Baked Alaska including the flaming Baked Alaska dessert. The rest of the trip was spent around the Portland and Oregon City areas.  We stopped and visited with more then those we remembered to snap a picture with, but it was good to see everyone. Thank you to the Remy's and Ramirez family for putting us up a few nights. It was a great little road trip.

Uncle Vean and Aunt Marie 
Mt. Angel

GPS Detour adventure- Lava lookout

Tillamook and Cannon Beach

Mom sending a message to Dad
Seaside and Rockaway Beach

Astoria - View from Hotel
Dinner at Baked Alaska

Rose Gardens

Sharron Mathews, Theresa Franco, and Chris Wood

Breakfast with Jeff, Amy Jo, Nicole, and Linda

Traditional VooDoo stop with Kristen Schlupp and Bryce!

Fish Hatchery

Multnomah Falls and End of the Oregon Trail

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