Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Cards and other things

My Christmas cards are lost in transit somewhere, so I guess
I will just wish you Merry Christmas virtually.

In May I earned my Master of Science in Organizational
Leadership. With my degree completion, a job search was on - which took me to
Maryland, Wyoming, and finally landed me in Rolla, Missouri. I now work at
Missouri University of Science and Technology. I was also honored by Snow
College as a distinguished alumni (40 under 40) as well as the Utah Department
of Health Tobacco Prevention and Control Program for Excellence in Policy
Efforts. Thank you for the prayers, love, and support with this new adventure!

Last week I went out to St. James and had lunch at this
place called Sybil’s. The food was good and the setting beautiful. I happened
to pass the Veteran’s cemetery and saw Christmas wreaths laid on each
headstone. I had to turn around and take a look. I of course forgot my nicer
camera for video so I just have a few pictures from my phone.

I’m a little behind the times with posting my new happenings
– so here is a video from a few weeks ago where I went to a giant flea market. 

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