Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gross - encounters with the enemy.

Most of my belongings have been stored in a garage while renovations were finishing up. It seemed like a good idea until mice. Mice don't scare me- but they really gross me out. They are the nastiest things. Each box I unpack may or may not contain a disgusting surprise of a (thank goodness empty) nest. Each one grosses me out more and more. Nothing has been safe (even my camping chair and bag was made into home. Many books have been eaten, and a few were a lost cause. There are a few things left to do around the house like put the Threshold plate on for the front door. A draft stopper has been there but of course it didn't keep out my enemies. Last night, I watched one emerge from under my bookshelf inspect the books (to eat) spot me and wriggle back out the front door. Boards are filling that gap now. 

I was really excited to go to St. Louis and visit the temple, but I fell back asleep for a few hours and the last session is early on Saturdays, so it was on to plan B. All the moving meant mouse poop in my car. Since my original plans fell through and it was a warm day I went to vaccum. They found my emergency snack food in the console. And I wanted to vomit. Yuck. As I vacuumed I had the thought to lift the covering in the hatch where the spare tire and tools are. Not only did I find another empty nest, the stupid things ate the freaking car. 
So, stay tuned for an update about my new cats in a week or two. I'm going to take a bath in Lysol. 
PS still love this house - but must enialate the wanna be roommates. 


  1. I send you our cat.. it's not good for much. maybe it would eat mice.. not sure..

  2. Didn't your cat eat a hamster? Or is this a new one?