Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Mountain

I've been here for a whole week, can't believe it. Vernal, my new home. Right now my days consist of reading, reading, and more reading. Things will pick up in a few weeks. Because we are so far out here, we attend a lot of phone meetings (at least once a week). I have yet to keep track of how many coalitions or councils I'm a part of... but I'm excited to hopefully start making a difference in peoples lives. My Uncle and Aunt are so sweet to put me up, but hopefully I can move into my place soon. I attended my new ward. It was a little disappointing, but hopefully things will get better. I did attend the temple on Sat. which I'm glad about because it is closed for a few weeks for cleaning. It was beautiful and simple and a nice way to spend my Saturday afternoon.
Last week before I left I had breakfast with a friend and we had a great talk about our life path, and relating it to a landscape of mountains. While we are climbing one mountain, we can usually only see that mountain and imagine the view. Once we get to the top, we see a whole new perspective. With that knowledge, it means that it is okay to change paths, or directions. We are all climbing, we are all on a different mountain. Sometimes God allows the path to be easy, sometimes He allows it to be difficult. Other times, we walk away from His path and pave our own, eventually we give up and go back to the path that will bring us happiness. His path.  So, I took a few minutes to "paint" my interpretation of this..

I guess you could say this is the intro to my story. I hope it picks up off the ground a bit.

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