Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goofy needs my help!

I just wanted to quickly update. That is my goal once a week; we shall see how true I am to my word.
I FINALLY moved into my new place this weekend. It is nice and spacious and not too shabby. I love being able to have a backyard and an up and downstairs. My parents came up with all the furniture collected from around the state. My cousins and their kids came to help unload and it went really quick. I was super grateful!
I already have pictures up on the wall, and almost have a place for everything.  And I did all this while watching Aaron and Rachel's baby as well...

I am waiting to “decorate” until I go to Salt Lake next week for training so I have more options than Wal-Mart or K-mart. My roommate, Amanda, who is form Denver and will be here for 2 months interning at the Hospital asked where the nearest health food store, I said well, you got Smith’s, Wal-Mart, and Jubilee…. And a farmer’s market on Sat. mornings until it gets too cold. I don’t think she liked that answer very well, but when she isn’t studying, she watches the cows and chickens behind the house and is just fascinated.
I am getting settled into work. Someone from the state came and did some training for me last week. I am working on Apartments and Condos to go smoke-free. As we went visiting, it almost made me feel like a missionary again, but this time instead of the gospel I am peddling no smoking, and Cassandra didn’t have to stand outside the car while I backed up J I will do more training next week, and then I think my confidence will grow even more in all that I have to do. Lots of reading still, and trying to keep all of the facts right in my head, but I am getting there.

So I will finally end with this video I watched this week – I think there is supposed to be a moral to this story, but I haven’t decided what point they are truly getting across. Don’t let your kids watch it, even if it is Disney….

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  1. I will gladly come shopping with you in SLC;)