Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wrap up 2011

Me and Tyrone Wells 2011
Okay, I'm finally doing this update thing.  First off, I am so excited for an upcoming concert - besides the mission, I've been to every concert of Tyrone Wells since I first heard him, and he is finally coming back to Utah - March 20, 2012!!! If you want to join, let me know! He played two free shows this weekend in Park City, but I had to advocate at some bull rides this weekend - for work. So, I will have to be patient for March. Things are going well. I made some new friends and have a calling that keeps me busy. Here is a slew of pictures from over the holidays.

I made this little crafty thing for my front door wreath. Made from a shoe box lid. I then wrapped cloth (an old flour sack), and made cloth flowers. I then took a print out of a Christmas carol and framed it. Fun crafty time! And here are some lovely pics from the family Christmas party.  My parents got me some lovely gifts; some movies, 72 hour kit, an arm band for my phone, and other great trinkets.

The Holidays were nice. Lots of driving, but it was nice to have a break, and see family and friends.

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