Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dog gone it!

This weekend I went and saw hunger games. I knew nothing of the story line and wasn't that interested in seeing it, but the friends were fun, so I went. I'll leave my thoughts and opinions out of this, but there is a scene where a dogs jump out at. It made me scream and jump to high heaven.
Last night leaving a friends, walking to my car in the dark, I hear this noise behind me, and a dog just starts barking like crazy. Same reaction happened, but louder and me more ridiculously looking. Luckily there was only one witness.
Seeing that dog clamour and peek behind the fence ferociously barking took me back to my missions days. Lets just say, I learned to never trust a fence no matter how high it is, to keep a dog in. But obviously I'm still alive.
AND, on a complete random note:

This is my lovely Easter Decor......

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