Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love Life

I feel that my life is a constant search for ways to balance it all. Most days I just feel like Gus-Gus trying to carry all the corn and not getting very far.

I read a blog about some heroes of mine, whether they even remember me or not. This family is AMAZING! If you want some inspiration in life, get to know the Hall family by reading Kolette's blog.  Recently, this Healthy Living Challenge was posted. I rounded up some family and friends, and we started on our health journey yesterday. I'll post more about in the future I'm sure.

My new motto is this old quote that has been floating around the Internet quite a bit a again, and made a lovely version to hang on my wall. While in high school, President Hinckley shared these thoughts. Afterwards, my mother started calling me 'Twinkle.' I fear the twinkle fades from my eyes as I let work, school, and my ever so fab. dating life (err lack thereof) consume my thoughts. It's time to LOVE LIFE! my friends! For a free download, click here.

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